Claims Processing

Processing claims, payments, and other information vital to business operations has been part of our organization since we were founded over 65 years ago. The experience, efficiency, and accuracy of our business processing operations is unmatched, and our new business unit—processing Elderly Waiver claims—provides the same high level of service.

Our customers benefit from the skill and dedication of our team because our knowledge and experience easily translate to a variety of industries and business applications. Our highly trained team of professionals offers:

  • Organizational management skills: change management, critical thinking, and creative problem solving.
  • Intimate knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims processes.
  • Technical skills: alpha-numeric and 10-key certified.
  • Stable, dedicated workforce: average of seven years on the job with a 5% annual turnover.

We’re happy to help your business save money by quickly and accurately handling all your business processing needs.